Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 3, Middle English gref, from Anglo-French gref, grief injustice, calamity, from gref, adjective heavy, grievous, from Vulgar Latin *grevis, alteration of Latin gravis — see grieve. David Grief studied it critically. She had never made the mistake of thinking that because his, Wishing to save the distracted ones from the. Not until the beach lay fifty yards away did Grief let go the anchor in forty fathoms. Find more words! Moving about among the wild cocoanuts and jungle brush, Grief selected the trees. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. (online gaming) To deliberately harass and annoy or cause grief to other players of a game in order to interfere with their enjoyment of it; especially, to do this as one’s primary activity in the game. Short Example Sentence for Grief . : Is she hiding her grief beneath her calm exterior or could she really be happier living alone! Once, fanned by a couple of bullets, Grief risked a peep.

Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? With two jumps, still holding the helpless Griffiths, Grief leaped to the rail and overboard. This is a highly readable and strangely affecting comedy of embarrassment, resentment, She brought us shifts and gowns and we slipped into them, groggy from, Remember that your other family members are grieving, too, and that everyone expresses, It's hard to resist the premonition that Equitable's problems are far from over and more, We are having so many problems with kids running down and causing, We've got a bye this weekend, which means I've got a chance to sort out a back problem that has been giving me a bit of, It particularly bothers me that they give me even more, I suddenly feel that he's perhaps feeling a bigger, The death in 1822 of his daughter Allegra, whom he had continually failed to visit, was a great, Mr Lewis had owned a second-hand shop in Victoria Road, but in his, But the loving bonds we share with pets are real, and so are the feelings of loss and, More difficult to handle than the immediate, A devastated couple have told the Advertiser of their, If you have lost someone or have been struggling with, Support from others can be a reminder that, It is important to seek professional help when you feel overwhelmed by your, Women and their partners may experience intense, She was well known and respected in the area and her death has caused much, With the lukewarm at-best reception that production received, it looked as if, Officials suspended operations and were providing, He lets us into the entire process, from the second of devastating, His death at such an early age has caused widespread, The sand bird mother was totally devastated by her loss, and cried out her, Clark has been to, gosh, thousands of funerals over the years, but he's not the sort to let that much, It is all about desolation, loss of hope and an overwhelming. God also uses anthropopathy, or describes Himself in terms of human emotions such as love, Music has the power to seize the soul, to match anger with anger, grief with. Good grief, I'll have MI5 watching me as a potential cult leader. poet only wishes may be softened to endurableness, because the weight of punishment and, Directed toward a communally valorized symbol, however, Herbert's private, Mariana stood with the rest of the congregation until her. The disaster left the world in great grief, but it has responded with unprecedented benevolence. But David Grief was a true son of the sun, and he flourished in all its ways.

The muzzle of the rifle, four feet away, was bearing directly on him, when Grief resolved to act. He promised a saviour who would carry the sin, selfishness, unbelief, disease, He added he would ensure that pupils were offered, She caught her lip between her teeth, torn between, Grief is isolating, dividing the mourner from anyone who has yet to endure, We cooked them pasta and made them beds and in the evenings that would follow listened to Bea as she arrived home after a traumatic day of, A new centre where families could report loved ones missing and receive, The huge destructive waves caused by December's tsunami in the Indian Ocean are analogous to the devastating waves of, In the play Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare explores a, Beneath its satire on Anglo-Saxon and Irish attitudes and its assault on entrepreneurial capitalism lies a deep vein of, And she had affected so many people so deeply, that her loss on the negative side took them much deeper into, Their friends and family are beside themselves with worry and, The images from her memorial service and the faces of the, The responding officers appear to understand the, Healy's midlife interest in pet ownership, we conclude, is an attempt to resolve his childhood, This Mum has just told her daughter that she can rely on her for support regardless of what happens in the future and the father is giving her, Sara bent over her friend, her face twisted by, He's given a fine and believable portrayal of, These include habitats where vermin, reptiles or insects gather and, according to Al Biruni, deserted places, prisons and places of, That's because it is not a tragicomedy about being old, but about the, Therefore I seek your indulgence to allow me to lament my, The meetings are bittersweet, weighed down by regret, guilt and, In the absence of anything else, the day is just a series of personal tragedies repeated over and over again, with an entire nation sharing in the pain and the, I think speaking with a trusted friend about your, She was my saving grace, through our initial, Dozens of parents responded with their own stories of stillbirth and details on how they manage their, Oh does she deserve this nomination, and maybe even this award with her stellar aftermath-of-Will, Rarely does television so sensitively and thoughtfully depict the terrible, From my own personal experience I can still recall the pangs of, Framing this problem in terms of a romantic comedy, however, will keep the issues carefully contained, thus preventing any undue outpourings of, The effect of this, and of Wild, dern says, is that a conversation about, Today, Americans have adopted the Stars and Stripes not so much as a symbol of defiance against an aggressor but as an emblem for their, When the inevitable occurs, and he dies as a result of his fragile constitution, the event is of such magnitude that the narrator is overwhelmed by, Feelings of fear, guilt, resentment, inadequacy, shame, and, As no other person, She had the same feelings as Christ, unmurmuringly bearing the, Her voice was shrill with disbelief and choked with, He was a hardworking energetic man who was very much devoted to his family and his sudden passing has caused widespread shock and, Erial stuck to pure manners and decorum, knowing that any sign of affection to any member of the regiment might drive Dan mad with jealousy or, The story went that Descartes was so struck with, Though tissues are present and tears are not uncommon, the Dinner Parties are distinctly not, He affected the dazed calm of a man beyond, We ritualize this process to make sure we don't allow the, I would like to propose a term for the texts that voice this Janus-faced perspective on, In the aftermath of Vatican II, however, the nearly universal, Her quicksilver changes of intent, complex multiple qualities, polyrhythms, and opposing body parts warred with Anderson's weeping strings to create a moving picture of, In towns and refugee camps across the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, tens of thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets with wails of, He helped engineer his re-election, before coming to, Her mother had recently died and she was winded with shock and, Just a slow inexorable tightening of cold inescapable dread, ending in bottomless, Just as in real life, you can come to live with, The feeling of the Divine punishments is predominant, which the . Written with charm and humour, this is a touching, absorbing oddity of a book about love, They didn't know me from Adam but they were so kind and considerate and generous despite their, She begins to weep, her body shaking, and then, when her, The process of conflict resolution requires the equal acknowledgement of the, It's entirely arbitrary in some ways, but, He wasn't the first or last pioneer to come to, Passareil said nothing and the room went quiet except for the sounds of, The abaya she wears cannot hide the shaking of her body as waves of, Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our, Let us hope that the choice is made before families here have to experience the, In other words, our behaviour must be balanced or equipoised between, When the latter was over, I was so disorientated from, Better disillusion the poor idiot before he wraps himself up in. How to use grief in a sentence. As, however, her grief continued … Accessed 24 Oct. 2020. a family united in sorrow upon the patriarch's death grief implies poignant sorrow for an immediate cause. Antonym: delight, joy. To part with you is as great a grief to me as to you. Three quarts only did Grief get, when the tiger sharks appeared and drove them in.

Grief definition is - deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement.
David Grief smiled quietly. [from early 14th c.], She kissed him good night and lay down paralyzed with. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word grief: . And they specialize in a sort of ceremonial tristesse that colors their writing with wan accents of pain, But it is wonderful to recognise the tremendous spirit of others in helping the family through their, Mary was still sunk in the mire of her own. Calling the whale-boat on board, Grief searched out the shore with his binoculars. Send us feedback.
In a framed sentence, ram’s lover passed away so he is suffering mentally and physically with the heart that makes him feel sad about his lover who is … the inexpressible grief of the bereaved parents anguish suggests torturing grief or dread. the anguish felt by the parents of the kidnapped child woe is deep or inconsolable grief or misery. Pankburn looked at the whiskey bottle, but Grief shook his head.

“Grief.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, nagging regret for missed opportunities. In the late afternoon of the second day Grief ordered a whaleboat into the water. Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names Aft, the captain and mate and Grief spread their beds with similar, His face was filled with it, and yet Grief sensed in it the.

And here Grief made his plans and learned the fulness of the situation. Since each stick cost David Grief a cent, the bargain was manifestly unfair.

[from late 20th Century] | Suffering, hardship. Peering then through the glass, which demarcated the realms wherein we exist, I felt the bolus of, When Nicholas heard that the father was sick with, This is not a monochromatically somber piece, but a suspenseful slice of unvarnished life, mixing anguish and, And there is anger as well as joy, bitter resentment as well as compassion, above all a sense of nagging, There was almost no emotion showing, for this was a, Hundreds of Shiite worshippers, weeping and moaning in. What made you want to look up grief?

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